Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Ale Stars in Darlo break all time attendance record

A record crowd of almost 80 people crowded into the downstairs bar for the July Ale Star session last Tuesday to listen to Murrays Craft Brewery head brewer, Shawn Sherlock, chat about the brewery and taste four of their greatest beers. Murrays Brewery is indisputably a leading craft brewery in this country and it was a very special treat to have Shawn along.

Shawn brought along two 10 litre kegs of each of the beers early in the afternoon for the event - Sassy Blonder (June seasonal), Grand Cru, ICON 2IPA and the very recently released Heart of Darkness.

The crowd came early and was eagerly awaiting the introduction of Shawn as Guy ceremoniously presented three new Ale Star members with their shirts/beer stein and locker keys. Adrian, Sam and Barnesy are now officially inducted! (If you want to become an annual member, drop us a line)

Shawn introduced each beer and regaled the group with interesting snippets from his home brew beginnings in his garage, his early trips to Europe dipping his toe in the 'beer' water (and daring to have his first Stella) and his continued success at Murrays.

The punters then squared off into 12(!) groups for the Beer Trivia and the chance to win 6 bottles of Murrays Wild Thing. Game on!

Six Degrees of Fermentation came out strongly in Round 1 only to be surpassed in the final round with just half a point separating Sam and the all girl crew from the eventual winners - The Glitchclub.

There was a lineup at the bar after the trivia to secure the last drops of Heart of Darkness which was the biggest hit of the night. It is one awesome beer so when we tap the official kegs any day you don't want to miss it.

A huge thanks to Shawn, who once again proved to be a fantastic host and was the reason we smashed the both-venue crowd record for an Ale Stars event. Hopefully we'll see him turn up at an St Kilda Ale Star session soon!

Next month's session in on Scottish Ales on Tuesday August 3rd. As usual, everyone is welcome and you can book here.

Press play for the slideshow below.

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