Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mulled beer planned to be ready for this weekend!

After a few test batches from Jeremy and James in St Kilda, we're brave enough to offer our first ever mulled beer in both Taphouses! The plan is for it to be available from this weekend so now you'll know what that great smell is when you walk into the venues!

We will play around a little from batch to batch but the base beer for starters is Coopers Vintage. The mulled beer will be available in jugs and we'll start with small batches to gauge interest.

Having sampled a jug myself (well, there were two of us), I think it's a pleasant alternative on these cold, winter nights!


  1. mmmm I would love to find a recipe for this! The thought of the aroma and taste is mouth watering!

  2. We don't have a fixed recipe yet. We're playing around with various options but you can find some on the web.

    Our first batch in St Kilda last night sold out in just less than 3 hours!

  3. And the spicy smells in the upstairs bar was awesome..