Thursday, July 29, 2010

St Kilda food specials for this coming week.

Marinated pork loin medallions, served with souced root vegetables and Meantime IPA red cabbage & apple puree
With lightly pickled kohlrabi, celeriac, baby Dutch carrots and shallots, the richness of the pork is brought back a notch. Also, the slight tang of apple in the thick cabbage puree gives plenty of cut to the dish, all with a long lasting hop from the Meantime IPA. Being a lean cut of meat, we cook the pork medium to maintain some of its moisture but with the saucy accompaniments, dryness is not an issue.

Bridge Road Megachile Pluto seafood stew made with king fish, vongole, prawns, mussels, vegetables and tomato
Starting with the mussels and vongole (the Italian name for 'baby clams'), we extract as much of the flavour from the shells in extra virgin olive oil as possible before deglazing with Bridge Road Megachile Pluto. Topped up with fish stock to cover, we then add the prawns and tomatoes. As all the flavours infuse, our stew starts to thicken. At this point we throw in the vegetables and lastly, the meaty king fish. Sop up with our ciabatta. What more can I say?

Black Angus porterhouse steak served with pommes Anna and Unibroue Maudite green peppercorn sauce
Cooked entirely in butter, the thinly sliced potatoes are not exactly for the faint of heart. They are however, the perfect vessel for the delicious and spicy Unibroue Maudite green pepper corn sauce. To make matters worse, we serve this with a juicy porterhouse steak that will make the strongest of will find it impossible to leave anything less than an empty plate.

Gorgonzola dolce & ricotta cheese soufflé made with Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale and served with walnuts and buttered spinach
Starting with a light and fluffy ricotta soufflé we tempt the palate with delicate flavours. Add a creamy béchamel sauce made with Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale and folded through with Gorgonzola dolce, we take the flavours to another level. Incredible complexity with the blue cheese and hop bitter flavour from the beer wash over your mouth with the lingering sweetness of the spinach and walnuts.

Tapas Addition:
Ham hock, pancetta and apple terrine served with baby beetroot and horse radish salad

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  1. looks delicious! The Chefs at the Local are so sexy! Especially that English guy!