Friday, July 16, 2010

St Kilda's weekly food specials...mmm food, specials.

Vegetarian Thai Curry served with basmati rice and lychee & bean shoot salad, dressed with Flying Dog Horn Dog Barleywine, palm sugar & fresh lime emulsion
Made from fresh ingredients keeping to Thai flavours, we made a rich, thick paste as our base for the curry, which was then bound as a sauce with coconut cream. Choosing chunky dense vegetables as our vessels for the sauce we have a hearty vegetarian dish to rival any. We then finished off the dish with a refreshing fresh herb salad dressed with Flying Dog Horn Dog Barleywine dressing. The caramel tones of the barleywine nicely intertwine with the salad and bring sweetness to balance the dish.

Rockling Saltimbocca served in a bed of Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen white bean puree and semi dried roma tomatoes
Rockling being a meaty thick fish, we are able to transfer much more flavour from our marinade to the flesh of the fish than with other species of fish. Wrapped in pancetta and sage the tastes are manipulated further, allowing us to stick to simplicity when thinking of an accompaniment. In this case we’ve chosen a white bean puree made with Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen, which brings a banana and clove dimension to the creamy concoction. With still slightly juicy semi dried Roma tomatoes we have ourselves a seemingly simple dish but with a punch of surprising taste.

Moroccan style goat tagine made with Rogue Hazelnut Ale & chickpeas and served with fresh coriander and roti
Cut into chunks of bone packed with loads of flavoursome meat, virtually the whole goat is stewed for hours in Rogue Hazelnut Ale and various spices. By the time the goat is soft enough to melt in your mouth, the flavours of the spices are strong and not subtle in the least. An explosion of flavours comes with every bite, growing more and more complex, relieved only by the chunky chickpeas. A great way to end the dish is to slurp up every last bit of the tagine with roti.

Kangaroo loin with creamy sweet potato mash, red wine glazed shallots, Leffe Brune Jus and frieze
Packed with iron and savoury tastes, the kangaroo is a very overpowering type of meat. To contrast this we’ve chosen a sweet potato mash and sweet red wine glazed shallots. All bound by a well balanced Leffe Brune Jus. This rich dish is then given freshness and pepper tones with some fresh frieze allowing a break from the intense flavour assault.


  1. The rockling sounds divine! Mmmmmmm... Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen is my favourite!

  2. Very yum! Can I order these in the downstairs bar?

  3. These weekly dishes are available in the restaurant only. There is still the popular casual menu available elsewehere though!

  4. Hi Steve,

    Love the names of the dishes you mentioned here, very creative... The Vegetarian Thai Curry sounds delish... ha ha Flying Horn Dog Barley Wine, Nice!

    is this the place where you guys hold the Ale Star meetings?


  5. It sure is RM.. You can read all about the sessions here -

    You should come to the St Kilda one tonight!