Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Beerista 101 with Ange in St Kilda

The seventh monthly Beerista 101 in St Kilda went smoothly with a swill of the glass and a sensory sampling of three of Australia’s outstanding breweries; Victoria’s Bridge Road and Hargreaves Hill Breweries, along with Feral Brewing Co from W.A. In addition to this, we had a cracking beer (Two Champs Kolsch) brewed by last year's Homebrewers of the Year which came out of Mountain Goat brewery and an imported beer all the way from the Czech Republic (Budvar).

The aim of these sessions is to give people an easy, approachable way to begin experiencing the endless styles of beer that are available today. It is also to understand some of the historical importance of beer throughout times and across cultures… but don’t let that put you off, because above all else this is a tasting session and hopefully a field day for your taste buds!

Of the 11 attendees to last night's session, two will be joining the Ale Stars Road Trip in September and the rest I hope enjoyed their saisons and stouts and will be coming along to our Moose & Mountie SpecTAPular this Saturday!

Craft beer and the craft brewing industry is developing fast and full of people enthusiastic for what it's about. I really hope that last night's session has inspired some of you to continue on your quest for discovering more and more good beer! Push the boundaries and get your taste buds excited for the next amazing drop.

Ange x

Please click here to book for September 14th's Beerista 101.

PS. Beerista 101 will soon be coming to Darlo and will be announcd soon.

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