Saturday, August 21, 2010

St Kilda food specials from this Friday 20/8

Get in quick for these specials starting last night:

Sweet corn fritter with smoked salmon and Blue Sky Smoked Hefeweizen & dill cream
A triad of crepe sized corn fritters adorn the plate to surround a floret of expertly folded smoked salmon with a quenelle of dill cream then finished with our organic Victorian Olivetto extra virgin olive oil and chive batons. Paint this pretty picture in your mind and you’ll be half way to a justification of the delicious flavours that you will experience. The contrasting tastes to be found in this dish such as the sweetness of the corn and the savoury salmon are confined with the dill cream in bursts of subtle smokiness from the Hefeweizen.

Marlin with pea puree and Wig & Pen Kolsh sauce vierge
The thick meat from the medium cooked, well seasoned marlin works perfectly to accompany the sweet and creamy pea puree. Almost too sweet a combination needs to be cut to allow balance. To solve this problem we opted to go with a sauce that is characterised with a tart flavour that is again balance with the Kolsh to deliver a dish that has little room for improvement. Sauce Vierge gives us this balance and even texture with the roasted pine nuts.

Apple tart-tatin with crème chantilli & True South Dark Ale Wort & fennel molasses
Crispy butter puff pastry is the base for this classic delicious desert. We make a caramel with the wort to caramelise the apples in. We put the caramelised apples in a baking dish and cover with puff pastry then cook in the oven. When the puff pastry is golden and crispy, we remove from the oven and turn upside down on a plate, revealing the carefully placed apples and a thick caramel. To finish this we place a large quenelle of chantilli cream on top and drown the whole thing in a delicious molasses of True South Dark Ale wort & fennel.

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