Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feral's "Oaktoberfest" kegs on route

Expect to sample the following for our Feral friends in WA over coming weeks. Here are brewer Brendan's tasting notes:

"The Funky Junkie" - an intensely sour beer of our own style. It is a blend of different yeast and bacteria with at least a third of the blend coming from beer spontaneously fermented with Swan Valley microflora. 4.7%abv

"Dark Funk 2.0" a beefed up version of this year's earlier release. A little stronger and a lot more sour with 20% of the blend comprised of Boris that has been worked over by peddiococus for 18 months.

"Barrel Fermented Hop Hog". Our flagship IPA that had a primary fermentation in new French oak barriques before being returned to stainless steel for final processing and carbonation. Think all the great pine needle and grapefruit you associate with Hop Hog with an added vanilla aroma and softened mouthfeel. 5.8%abv

These beers are yet another sign of the fast-changing craft beer landscape. Lap it up!

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