Friday, October 1, 2010

Taphouses become a sponsor of Australian Brews News

We've just become an inaugural sponsor of Australian Brews News, an excellent beer website which former Beer & Brewer magazine editor, Matt Kirkegaard, set up early this year after despairing at the lack of avenues for quality beer writing. Here's what Matt has to say about his website:

"As craft beer in Australia grows, consumers are seeking quality, relevant and credible information about beer. A viable and credible beer media is as important to the growth of craft beer and the education of consumers as Brewers Associations and quality beer festivals.

Brews News is developing a stable of quality contributors posting regularly with a view to developing it as Australia's premier beer news magazine - online or print. Some of the writers who have signed on are Melbourne-based Chris 'All Ale the Big V' McNamara and [Ale Star member #S17] Peter 'Prof Pilsener' Mitcham."

Bookmark it now!

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