Friday, October 15, 2010

This week's food specials in St Kilda

Here are the current specials in St Kilda:

Veal Schnitzel
Served with creamy potato mash, green beans, baby capers & Feral Runt sage beurre noisette. The schnitzel is cooked in butter to a crisp, and then set aside to drain of any excess fat. The fruity hops from the beer complement the lemon in the beurre noisette and lift the flavours of the schnitzel whilst cutting the excess salt from the baby capers.

Chicken Risotto
made with Last Drop Oktoberfest, zucchini, squash, basil & parmesan reggiano. With this fresh beer, we are able to maintain the subtle flavors of the vegetables and chicken. Without the bitterness of a lot of beers, this is a perfect complement to our risotto, which is creamy and hearty.

Vegetarian homemade gnocchi
With Bridge Road Oktoberfest Marzen, Napoli, Sicilian green olives, fresh torn basil & shaved parmesan reggiano. We brown our delicately rolled and cut gnocchi in Olivetto organic extra virgin olive oil then lift with the Marzen and take from this beer, the complex malt characters to then top up with our chunky homemade Napoli. Finished with green Sicilian olives, fresh torn basil and shaved parmesan reggiano this is a very traditional dish with a beer twist.

Young’s Double Chocolate stout chocolate fondue
Served with strawberries, mandarin, orange and almond biscuits. The thick molten chocolate is freshened with a spike of creme fraiche then to cut the sweetness we add some stout, which also grants the fondue some bitterness that is very welcome with our couverture chocolate. This is a great dipping sauce for the fruit and our homemade almond biscuits.

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