Monday, November 15, 2010

BrewShare dates (and corrections) for homebrewers out there!

There has been some confusion about the BrewShare dates with some mixed messages emanating from us. Apologies for that.

So to clarify, BrewShares in both venues this time around are on Tuesday November 23. It is not tomorrow night in Darlo and we have emailed those people who have booked already online to notify them.

While homebrewers can bring Wheat Beers along to the Darlo BrewShare, people can still bring whichever beer you happen to have in the fridge ready to go!

To find out more about BrewShares, click here.

To book for next week at either venue, visit the Event Diaries of our website.


  1. what are the rules or the general gist on bringing beers to the brew share night?

  2. Here you go Darren..

  3. Will you email out the questionnaire? I only just paid up for it tonight.