Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giddyup! Darlo Melbourne Cup Lunch 2010

All the excitement of race day was nearly surpassed by an explosive start in Darlinghurst when the rooftop of a building nearby had a gas explosion on the roof and a stream of smoke/flames was seen on top of the building for hours.

Despite this, guests were not perplexed as they were treated to a Kosciusko Pale Ale on arrival and were seated in the restuarant. By race time the punters were set, a sumptuous lunch had been enjoyed, the sweeps had been drawn and a hotly contested Fashions @ The Local had been won in a deadheat by Alena (the only lady who wore a hat) and Ben (wearing a three piece suit).

Big thanks to Tim Knight for sponsoring the day with Kosciusko Pale Ale.

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