Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Johnny C is inducted as the first ever Hall of Famer

Could you crack just one smile Johnny?! ;-)

The first ever Hall of Fame plaque - this one on the downstairs bar.

This evening we inducted the very first member of The Local Taphouse Hall of Fame. Johnny C has been drinking at The Local since the SECOND day of trading of The St Kilda Local (which I opened on the same site in 2001 - see here for photos of the first day of trading). He hasn't drunk ONE SINGLE beer since that date preferring instead his vodka and cokes!

The Local Taphouse Hall of Fame concept recognises those men and women who have frequented The Local Taphouse for many a year and who we think share the values of the Local family. Admittance to this distinguished group is completely at the discretion of The Local Taphouse..

When being inducted as a Hall of Famer, the honoured recipient is required to have in one hand a glass of their favourite tipple while their other hand is raised. They then repeat the Wilfred Pledge (which Guy has cleverly adapted from the Australian pledge of citizenship) before unveiling their polished brass plaque on the bar they most frequent. Like getting a star on Hollywood Blvd, family and friends are welcome to join in the celebrations..

Here's the Wilfred Pledge:

From this time forward, under Wilfred, our patron saint,
I, [state your name], solemnly pledge my loyalty to The Local Taphouse and its people,
whose social beliefs I respect and whose beverages I joyfully consume.
I promise to be an ambassador for ‘The Local’,
encouraging like-minded people to experience and appreciate
the culture I have embraced.

Congrats to Johnny C and expect to see more Local legends being inducted in both venues. Thanks also to Ange for her magnificent curtains!


  1. Great idea, I love it! I suspect I will have a few years of constant drinking to make up for my current absence :)