Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cool new beer Iphone app from Cascade

Tasmanian Brewery, Cascade, has launched a new (and free!) iPhone app for beer lovers. It is called the Cascade Brewer’s Nose and features about 500 Aussie and international brews.

The app has been created in response to an increasing desire for beer lovers to understand different beer styles, try new brews and share this new-found knowledge with friends. The app features info on not only the Cascade range of beers, but most readily available Australian [I'd like to see more added though - Steve] and international brews, including an overview of the 14 main beer styles and a series of food matches to help users find the perfect dish to accompany their favourite ale or lager.

It also allows users to easily scan their beer's barcode using the iPhone camera to view videos, read and submit tasting notes and keep a log of the brews they’ve tried to date. By using GPS technology and Facebook Connect, the app also allows users to track their beer-loving friends via Facebook, see what brews they have been sampling and where, as well as store a log of the beers they have tried themselves alongside their own tasting notes.

Cascade enlisted the help of a Tassie chef and esteemed beer writer (!), Matt Kirkegaard (from Australian Brews News) to work with Cascade to provide beer fans with a comprehensive guide to all things beer, brewing and food matching.

It’s a pretty cool app for any beer enthusiast looking to increase their knowledge and expand their beer tasting repertoire, as well as those keen to explore the increasingly popular world of beer and food matching.

To download the free Cascade Brewer’s Nose iPhone app, search for ‘Brewer’s Nose’ in the iPhone App Store.

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