Tuesday, December 28, 2010

St Kilda Ale Stars - Christmas style!

Not sure if its just me but these Ale Star sessions seem to get larger each month. Not necessarily in the volume of people but certainly in the amount who choose to arrive early, stick around late, and partake in tweenies.

And our 2010 Christmas session was no exception with members and newbies alike flocking in to get a bit festive. The beers had been selected by way of a members vote so we all knew there would not be a dud among them. And members being members, there wasn't much in the way of low alcohol beer on offer!

Opinion was divided as to a clear cut favourite with some preferring the hopped up kiwi Epic Armageddon and others going for big ones from Belgium in Chimay Rouge and Westmalle Tripel. Others again were their patriotic selves and stood by Murrays Brewing and their Icon and Punch & Judy. One thing was for sure - they were all delicious.

A big Christmas thank you from all of us here at The Local to everyone who has been part of Ale Stars in 2010 - our members, staff, brewers, special guests, volunteer photographers, anyone else who attended an Ale Star session, and of course the main man - our Ale Star Tzar - Shandy.

We look forward to 2011 being another massive Ale Star year, kicking off with a look at hops in January (which can be booked by clicking here)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us!

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