Friday, December 17, 2010

Stone the Crows! Beers announced for next week's fresh Stone beer tasting session in Darlo

Thanks to Australian Brews News for organising the event, the incredible lineup for next week's tasting session in Darlo of fresh Stone Brewing beer can now be revealed. Sorry if it makes you non-attendees cry!

* Lucky Bastard
* 10−10−10 Vertical Epic
* 2010 Imperial Russian Stout
* Stone Smoked Porter
* Ruination IPA
* Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous

Sadly there is only enough beer for a small group of competition winners and a selection of Darlo Ale Star members. They will also get the opportunity to meet and chat with Ben Lee, Production Co-ordinator from Stone Brewing who is the bringer of these beery gifts..

Anyway, I'll stop teasing now. We'll tell you all about it on the blog afterwards!


  1. Damn... I knew I should have joined the Ale Stars ...



  2. It's never too late Pete!