Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GABS update - brewers are having fun!

Two Brewers (photographed above), Two Hills, One Beer.

Simon (Hargreaves) and Dave (Red Hill) got together to brew a beer this summer for The Great Australian SpecTAPular on February 12th. They wanted the beer to be sessionable, easy drinking and a style neither had brewed before. Both brewers are passionate about northern European style beers and brewing to style. Hence the fit for the collaboration and the chosen beer style. There was a lot of "taste testing" and collaborating on a few other brews too. The brew went well and is apparently tasting fantastic. (The above was loosely edited from RH's Facebook page page where you can keep up with developments)

Also, in GABS update, Ben and the crew at Bridge Road have taken delivery of muskat barrels for their Bridge Road Imperial Red Ale that will be fermented and aged in Muscat soaked barrels (see below).. You can keep right up to date with Naked Ned via their Twitter account.

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  1. Collaborations and beer in barrels, two of my favorite things. More of this would make the world a better place.