Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brisbane's Platform Bar no longer the "better beer" oasis it was

Australian Brews News has broken the news on it's website that the craft beer friendly Platform Bar in Brisbane's CBD is no longer a craft beer oasis after the Big Brewer's not unreasonable crackdown on contract compliance. It seems that the owners were not fulfilling the requirements of the contracts they signed with the Big Boys in return for their cash inducements.

Platform Bar operates as a small bar within a much larger hotel - The Grand Central. If it were possible, I'd love to see the hotel owners tear up (or pay out) all, or som,e of the contracts they have signed and negotiate to maintain the Platform Bar's tap independence. Yes it might cost them some money in lost incentives but they could gain in the long run from maintaining a point of difference from their competitors. It would also reassure us all that they are indeed genuinely passionate supporters of the craft beer sector.

If this pans out as the ABN report suggests, it would be a tremendous disappointment for craft beer lovers in Brisbane. Thankfully, they still have the terrific Archive Bar which is rumoured to be increasing its tap range..

Crafty Pint (whose photo of Platform Bar I have used above) also picked up on the story and you can read their piece here.

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