Thursday, February 24, 2011

Darlo Brewshare - heat troubles some homebrewers

The summer heat in Sydney wasn't kind to a few backyard brews over the past few weeks and while there was a strong roll up of 23 people, a reduced total of 12 beers were entered for the BrewShare event Tuesday night at Darlo.

Stories flowed thick and fast about the latest trials and tribulations, including Josh who is experimenting catching his own yeast from under a lime tree in his this space for the results (if you dare)!

At this event there was no specified beer styles so there was a broad range of brews and fluctuating ABV's (thanks for the 12.8%er Doc). Teams were separated into two groups each with 6 beers. The top two from each group - Sam's Hibiscus Ale, Mike's Amber Ale, Alex's Hotside IPA and Jack's Honey Wheat - made it through to the next round.

Cam stepped into Jordan's shoes to help cast the final votes with Dave between Michael's Amber Ale and Alex's US style IPA, and in what can only be described as a photo finish, Alex's IPA's considerable hoppiness and expressive malt character just pushed it over line to win.

Alex won a $100 gift voucher from our illustrious event sponsor Dave from Dave's Home Brew. Big thanks for your continued support Dave.

The next Brewshare will be held on 24th May with the vote for chosen beer style as ' Belgian Ales'. $10 will get you a ticket and you book on our website's Event Diary.

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