Friday, February 4, 2011

GABS update - Moon Dog scratched and Mash brewing accident

Moon Dog have regrettably had to pull their beer from the GABS lineup as they don't feel their beer is up to their own high standards. You can read about it here at the Australian Brews News article.

I was also asked today what happened to the Thunder Road beer which was mentioned in the early lineups but not in the final lineup. Like Moon Dog, the lads at TR were unhappy with their bitter and therefore bitterly (!) disappointed to have to withdraw it from GABS.

We totally respect both these brewers for their decisions and look forward to tapping their beers when they're happy the beer is top notch.

Over in WA, Mash Head Brewer, Dan Turley, had a nasty accident in the brewery, while brewing their GABS Rye IPA no less, and ended up in hospital with nasty 3rd degree burns. I've just spoken with him and he is okay but sore. I explained that we hoped GABS brewers would go to great lengths to brew an unusual beer - but not that great! Brewing was taken over by assistant Jackson and they are waiting until Monday to see if they are happy with the result. If it makes the GABS taps, it will be close..

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  1. respect to the brewers who sent the unworthy batch to the drain, sad they wont be there (and the beers sounded prety awesome) but appreciate the honesty to the drinkers.