Thursday, February 17, 2011

An incredible $8596 from GABS' initatives to be donated to Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal!

As is now custom, we donate all our SpecTAPular door proceeds to a relevant or current charity initiative. Last Saturday, through door proceeds and raffles, Darlo raised $2257 and St Kilda $2339. A phenomenal and recording breaking effort in both venues. Thanks to everyone who put coins and stuffed notes into the tins.

Together with the $4000 The Local Taphouse has agreed to donate through Stone & Wood's Red Relief initiative, we will be donating an incredible $8596 to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal in Queensland. That also means that since opening in St Kilda three years ago, both Taphouses and our patrons have donated more than $45,000 to various charities.

The winners of the raffle prizes in St Kilda were:

1st Luke Antoniades
2nd Sam
3rd Baz...yes ‘the’ Hall of Famer Baz.

Thanks to Kooinda, Hargreaves Hill, Otway, Burleigh, Mountain Goat, McLaren Vale, Bridge Rd, Stone & Wood and Hunter for donating prizes along with us.

In Darlo the winners were Tim, Jack and Jim.

Donators were Kosciusko, Stone & Wood, Burleigh Brewing, Hunter, Kooinda and Murray's.


  1. Great job guys, and thanks to all the sponsors for my basket of goodies :)