Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A surprise guest brewer pops in to Darlo!

Me & Alastair Hook saying cheers over a Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale

While on holiday in Australia, Head Brewer and owner of Meantine Brewing, Alastair Hook, popped into The Local Taphouse in Darlo to say hi.

It was a glorious Sydney day and the new terrace was a great place for us to sit and go through a tasting paddle. Alastair has a heap of brewing mates in Australia so he was no stranger to all of the great beers coming out of Oz at the moment. He was very much impressed with how far the Aussie beer scene had come along since his last visit and how much variety and quality there was to choose from.

Of course all the punters of The Local Taphouses will know the fantastic beers that Alastair produces. We've always had his Meantime Coffee Porter, Meantime Chocolate, Meantime London Porter and Meantime IPA in the bottle. More recently we've had his Meantime Union Vienna Lager, Meantime Helles and Meantime London Pale Ale on tap. All cracking beers!

It was great to meet the man behind the beer! Alistair reckons it won't be long before he's back here for a visit of a more official nature. He promised that when he was he'd do everything he could to be a special guest at our Ale Stars sessions making them ones not to be missed!

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