Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wilfred draws the crowds at Microbrewery Showcase

A couple of weeks ago we exhibited for the first time at the Victorian Microbreweries Showcase at Federation Square. The event, over two days is a twice-annual event promoting the Victoria craft brewing industry. It's mostly breweries exhibiting and they're naturally offering beer samples so we had to do whatever it took to draw attention to ourselves!

We blew up a large picture of Wilfred, our Patron Saint, and photographed more than 800 people replacing Wilfred's face with their own (see photos - anyone pick Crafty Pint?). We also launched our new Growler Bike for The Local Bottle Store & Provisions, a vintage transport bike, which the Growler Street Fleet will be riding around the St Kilda area delivering growlers to homes in need. The Local Bottle Store is due to open soon..

So the event was well worth doing. We gave away almost 1000 flyers (dozens of tasting paddle vouchers have been redeemed already), took large bookings, met a bunch of great people (including industry people) and were able to promote some of the things we're doing.

Looking forward to the next one already.


  1. ...and what a beautiful hand-drawn piece of signage on the Growlercycle!

  2. was a great night BUT i still haven't received my photo via email.....2 weeks later guys...

  3. We're all over it - now! Expect an email v soon..