Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Comedy Fest 'Local Laughs' sellout

Another week, another Melbourne Comedy Festival Local Laughs sellout on Monday night.

Having had such a brilliant time last week, top US comic Costaki Economopoulos graced the Local Laughs stage once again, while UK comic James Dowdeswell impressed the socks off us all, especially the couple of people who somehow recognised him from his appearance on Ricky Gervais's Extras (when he'd played a geeky character nicknamed 'Count Fuckula').

Hats off to Canadian Christophe Davidson who stepped up when our advertised MC Gordon Southern went onto the sick list - poor Gordon, but lucky us to be in the hands of such a top notch Canadian comedian. Western Australia's Werzel Montague showed why he's one of the best comics in Perth (although, as he points out, "That's like saying you're the hip-hip king of Horsham"). And of course local acts shone brightly amongst this impressive array of o/s comics. Michael Williams('the guy with the easel'), Linda Beatty (harp playing opera singer),standup Marcus Ryan and Watson (lightning fast, hilarious comedy duo).

Next week's lineup to come!

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