Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiter, there's a beer in my beer! Blending Ale Stars in Darlo

It was with some trepidation that a few Ale Stars got together this month to check out beer blending. From homemade lemonade in a pilsner to a hardcore 'double black and tan' and few thing in between, it was a night of interesting flavours.

Opinions were definitely divided over what worked and what didn't with the radler definitely refreshing but the sugar in the gueuze taking a while to dissolve. The black forest was definitely a winner and the Feral Hop Hog/Hargreaves Hill Stout black and tan certainly had arguments flowing about whether the whole was in fact better than the individual parts.

Thanks to the small but dedicated crew that came along. Looking forward to our very special edition of Ale Stars on May. For starters its on a Monday... oh yeah and James Watt from Brewdog in Scotland is going to be there!!

Its Monday May 16th and you can book right here. We look forward to seeing you there. Get in quick as it will almost certainly sell out.

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