Friday, May 27, 2011

Darlo's Kiwi SpecTAPular - Our Biggest EVER

The Four Seasons "December 1963" lyrics come to mind for this wondrous event. "Oh what a night!" Our biggest SpecTAPular and our biggest night ever here in Darlo.

While most folks were fast asleep counting sheep and thinking about how good the 20 NZ beers were going to taste, a little man was scampering around the bar and cellar making sure we would be able to enjoy this fine liquid gold. Unckie Les (as he is known around) here was in from 12am so next time you see him give him a big hug for his extreme efforts. The rest of the crew were in setting up the decorations, making tiny sheep out of cotton balls and tooth picks and practising our lame NZ accents.

At 11:30am we had a nice line up outside of about 20 people keen to get in and sample our overseas neighbour's beers first. Doors opened just after 12 and everyone ran in to get their favourite spots inside the pub. Pens and papers were out and everyone was making notes and discussing each beer in detail. The day progressively got busier and busier with the footy crowd coming in around 6pm and also getting to sample some of NZ's finest.

The feedback we got from everybody was amazing and that they all had such a great day. It was very interesting going around and talking to everyone and seeing what folks thought of the beers. Everyone had a different favourite and very different tasting notes. It just goes to show that everyone's palate is unique. Choose your favourite!

We would like to thank everyone who made this day possible including NZ Trade & Enterprise and our other sponsors Cryer Malt, NZ Hops and BeerNZ, all the customers who showed up on the day (hats off to you), the staff who put in some crazy hours, the kitchen for their amazing food and the management team who kept the place together.

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