Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GABS' Anzac Bickie is bottled by Burleigh Brewing

At the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular in February, Burleigh Brewing brewed up Fanny Gert's Bickie Beer just for the festival but it had so many fans, they've decided to bottle it!

Peta Fielding, the wife of Burleigh Head Brewer Brennan, had a grandma named Fanny Gertrude Nicholson who was fond of saying, “Call me ‘Gert’ and cut out the ‘rude’ part”. A batch of grandma’s ANZAC bickies were so good that Brennan and Peta decided to turn them into a beer for GABS. The resultant smooth, creamy ale is the colour of a well-baked anzac bickie. It has a delicate vanilla aroma, rich - yet balanced - coconut flavour and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel from the oats.

We'll try and get our hands on some..

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  1. This is a great beer. Hope to visit the brewery in July. Glad this is now in bottles