Thursday, June 2, 2011

Host a Roast Darlo - Book now before it's too late

Being the carnivore that I am I find it very hard to rock up to work every Saturday and Sunday. The amazing and mouthwatering aromas coming from the kitchen preparing for the day's Host a Roast is what I hate. How can they expect me to work when all I can think about is the roasts every other person is going to enjoy while all I get is the faintest thought of what could have been in my belly? My girlfriend cooked me cheese on toast last Sunday. You can understand my frustration!

Our famous winter warmer 'Host a Roast' has again been booking up more than a month in advance. All you need to do is grab a group of friends, contact us at in Darlo, choose your lavish meal options and then sit down and enjoy Head Chef David's delicious food accompanied by some of the most amazing beers. Can life get any better?!

For more information or to book a Host a Roast please email and Nicki (our awesome functions manager) will be in touch.

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