Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Any ideas for GABS welcome and possibly rewarded

We always love hearing new and exciting ideas so if you have any for the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular at the Royal Exhibition Building next May, we'd love to hear from them.

GABS could grow into one of the great annual Australian beer festivals so don't limit yourself, just as we aren't!

If your idea is an idea we haven't already considered AND we implement it, we'll give you a complimentary ticket to the festival.

Email Steve AT in confidence.


  1. Some sort of a themed costume competition? That seems to be my suggestion for everything though.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I love a good costume party myself!

    We are already looking at having staff dressed up and asking punters to dress up. There may even be Fashions of the Field and a catwalk. Punters will also be able to wear something provided which shows their allegiance - Aussie or Kiwi!

  3. I've been to a few things where there have been commemorative glasses. They have usually been plastic ones at beer fests when you use a token system, but I've also seen glass ones. I'm not sure how it would work given the size glass typically used at the SpecTapulars, but one availble to purchase on your way out would make a more useful souvenier than the wooden paddles.

    It would also be awesome to have a massive map on the wall, with pins in it for where the breweries are.

    Having something to pose for photos with would also be cool. Either a mascot for the day or a cutout of Wilfred the barman. Wilfred could even get a facebook profile that he could get tagged in photos for.

  4. Did somebody say somebody should dress up as Wilfred?

    Not really an idea but more of a question: Seeing as this is being held in a much larger venue than previous Spectapulars, will all the brewers also be given the chance to showcase one or two of their "standard" beers?

  5. @Lachlan.

    Some great new ideas there. As part of the entry fee, we currently have plans to include a souvenir glass and tasting paddle but the map and Wilfred ideas may have legs!

    Thanks for getting in touch.

  6. Create two spontaneously fermented beers with the yeast in the air around Darlinghurst and St Kilda, and then see which venue is tastiest by which one sells the most.