Monday, July 18, 2011

July Ale Stars in Darlo - Rangatastic

If only there was an event out there all about rangas (one can dream) but we decided to do the next best thing with an Ale Star appreciation session in Darlo all about red ales. On the night we had an awesome 45 people keen to get their mittens on some unique and interesting red beers.

'Doc' got the night off and running with the Japanese Hitachino Red Rice Ale. We then got stuck right into the Bridge Road Celtic Red Ale with its smooth texture and amazing toffee flavours.

Trivia was kicked off with pretty much all names of the teams relating to something red. Throughout the night we also had our staff join in the of trivia
festivities and it was great to see that they did not come last - as we would of been looking for some new staff!

The next beer to sample was the Danish Beer Here Fat Cat. While a fairly soft and light ale, it had some bitter highlights which made it a very interesting beer. The final beer for the night was the Belgian Duchesse de Bourhogne with its amazing balance of sweet and sour cherry flavours. This beer really amazed me with it's well defined balanced flavours.

Overall some amazing beers were sampled by the great turnout of regular faces and some newcomers.

The next Ale Star session is on Tuesday August 2nd and is all about hops and special guest Tim Lord from Hop Products Australia will be there on the night. Click here to see what we got up to when he visited the St Kilda Ale Stars not so long ago.

Tickets are just $35 and bookings can be made through our website through the Event Diary.

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