Friday, July 1, 2011

Moo Brew Pilsner launched last month @ Darlo

Last month we were delighted to host the launch of the Moo Brew Pilsner at Darlo. Two of Moo Brew's finest were in attendance for this event: Owen Johnston (chief brewer) and John Burridge (sales guru) to share with us this amazing Pilsner. Owen and John went around to the punters discussing the beer (and of course having a few drinks themselves)

To those lucky enough to be there on the night to sample the Pilsner, you not only got to try a world class Pilsner but it was also free to try. It can't get better then that!

A massive thanks to both Owen and John for making their way up from Tasmania to Darlo for the event and I think all us NSW folks are now super excited that we will be able to get the Moo Brew Pilsner more readily.

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