Friday, July 22, 2011

St Kilda Ale Stars 3rd Birthday - what a hoot!

Tuesday saw St Kilda Ale Stars celebrate their third birthday in style. Bridge Road Brewers founder, owner and sometime brewer Ben Kraus was on hand to share his wares and launch his 6th Anniversary Ale - a saison noir.

Ben's beers were, as per usual, delicious. We started with the Funky Brewsterised Australian Ale, infused with East Kent Goldings hops. We followed that up with the Chevalier Saison - an old favourite of the Taphouse - and then it was the first taste of the Saison Noir Anniversary Ale. All went down a treat.

The final beer of the night was a surprise (sort of) beer that had arrived via taxi only hours earlier. It was the single hop Stella IPA in a cask no less. Opinion was divided as to whether this or the Anniversary Ale was the beer of the night.

There were a couple of speeches and the trivia which of course was both controversial and emotional. Its fair to say the best team won on the night.

A massive thanks to Shandy for 3 years of hard work, and to all the members and guests and staff who have made Ale Stars such a great beer club to be a part of.

See you next month for more Ale Star shenanigans with Owen Johnston from Moo Brew.

August 16th at 7pm.

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