Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beer Wars and Q & A run down @ Darlo

Last Tuesday night we had a very special event at the Darlo Local. Here is the run down from our main man - Beerista Jordan:

'Last night the Darlo Taphouse played host to a very special evening of thought provoking cinema, industry insight and, of course, great beer. 45 or so Sydney-siders showed up to enjoy this highly interactive evening and what was by far one of the most unique events held here at The Local to date.

After a bit of chit chat, the lights were lowered and our BRAND NEW BIG SCREEN (wooohooo!) made its presence known as we all took a seat for the feature flick, Beer Wars, an American doco highlighting the struggle for market share as felt by the country's craft breweries.

Beer Wars seemed to divide opinions with a mixed reception ranging from applause to mild heckling! With controversy in the air, the only thing we could all really agree on was the brilliant trifecta of beer, popcorn and entertainment.
At core, Beer Wars centres on the age old battle of independent vs major, artisan vs conglomerate. A great watch for any of you beer heads with an interest in the politics of the brewing industries.

The real treat came at feature's end when a select panel of Oz craft brewing's top dogs took to the stage for a Q & A session - a 'conference' of sorts. Shawn Sherlock and Ben Kraus, head brewers of Murrays and Bridge Road (respectively) sat beside Jaron Mitchell and Adam Trippe-Smith of Four Pines and McLaren Vale breweries. Mediated by the men of Australian Brews News : Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham, the crowd fired questions at our panel of experts, eager to hear their angle on all manner of beer related enquiries.
Our panel didn't disappoint. All four proved to be amazingly eloquent, passionate and the perfect advocates for the Aussie craft beer revolution. Thanks to Mr Guy Greenstone for leaving homebase in St Kilda to catch the show, Hall of Famer Noel Darker for firing up the crowd and an extra special thanks to all those who believe in the power of better beer. It starts with you!

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