Friday, September 30, 2011

BrewShare Darlo - November - 'Obscure Brews'

How time flies when you are having fun. It only felt like a few days ago that we had the last BrewShare here in Darlo with a strong crew of 50 rocking up on the night.

Well it is that time again to get your brew on. At our last meet it was decided that the brew style would be 'obscure beers'. Feedback from the last meet and from an outstanding turnout has made us lift the 2 litre necessary to now 3 litres. So if you are bringing brews along make sure you bring a little more along this time to share around!

The online survey will be sent out a week before the meet so if you are bringing a brew along make sure you fill this in before the night.

When : Tuesday 15th November
Time : 7pm
Cost : $10 (this is still necessary if you are just coming along to the evening)

Bookings must be made here.

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