Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mikkeller Tap Takeover @ Darlo

Straight up I did not enjoy the Mikkeller Tap Takeover at all. There, I said it! While everyone got to come in and enjoy all 20 of our taps from Mikkeller, I unfortunately was sick all week and unable to enjoy trying any of the beers on offer. I am a selfish man and if I don't get to enjoy something then no one else should.

Uncle Les rocked up to the Taphouse in the wee hours of the morning to start setting up for the massive job ahead of him. Now while this power horse of a man had everything set and ready before 10am we had a slight issue with one of the couplers. From now on, Les shall be known as MacGyver as he improvised with a penny, paddle pop stick and a copy of Womans Weekly to make sure the coupler was good to go (said items may or may not have been used but it makes for a good story).

Now while most people were working at their jobs dreaming of the beers to be had later in the night, we had a dedicated crew of about 20-30 people rock up early in the afternoon to enjoy the beers on offer. I went around to talk to a few people about their favourites and it was great to hear that we had 2 crews come all the way from Newcastle and around Wollongong just to try the beers. Hats off to you guys for making the trip to Sydney.

Roll on next Takeover..

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