Monday, October 31, 2011

Oktoberfest SpecTAPular @ Darlo - a belated report

It was that time of the year to get our inner German on. We had 20 German style beers flowing through the taps this year with such an amazing line up evenly split between Aussie and German brewed beers. If you have ever wanted to know what goes into this event here is a slight run down :

12am - Uncle 'MacGyver' Les and his young padawan apprentice Dave rock up to work to get the lines ready and rolling for the next days trade

6am - I arrive at work to find both Dave and Les asleep (together? that's for me to know) And so the day begins!

8am - The boys have already got the beers flowing through the system and ready to roll on all 3 levels. Well done boys!

10am - The crew arrive to start decorating the venue in blue and white goodness

11:59pm - All our staff make the final touches on the venue and start getting dressed into their Oktoberfest costumes

12:00:05 - We opened a few seconds after midday but with all the hard work it was well worth the wait

And so the day begins. All 3 levels looked amazing and the people started flowing in checking out each level and picking their place to begin the day's celebration. The first of the 2 bands turned and tuned up and got the crowd singing and swaying to some fine German tunes.

Now for those of you who do not know Ollie, you are very lucky not to have met him. For those unfortunate few who have, we had to endure a full day of him dressed in the ladies Oktoberfest costume (aka dirndl). Now the main issue that most of us had with this is that although he says he is straight he seemed to be enjoying his new found dress way too much. Ollie also got the lovely job of being the 'Pretzel Girl' for the day, taking around fresh hot pretzels throughout the venue. Ohh dear!

Now unfortunately we were not blessed with fine weather with the rain hitting us around 3pm and coming down till later during the evening. Unfortunately, this meant it was a quieter SpecTAPular than would otherwise be the case but this did not stop a dedicated crowd enjoying the 20 amazing beers on tap, German food on offer and some amazing entertainment. Also throughout the day we decided to show the Rugby World Cup on our spanking new TV in the downstairs bar.

We would like to thank all the staff for the absolutely amazing effort they put into the day and for all the customers who came along and joined in the festivities.

We raised $831.40 from the door donations that will be going to the World Vision East Africa Appeal to top it all off!

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