Friday, November 11, 2011

Rooftop bocce court coming any day to Darlo

While it won't be long until the indoor clay bocce court opens in St Kilda (early next year), we have built an outdoor grass bocce court on the roof terrace in Darlo that will open even sooner. Like any day!

The idea is to to setup the court on quieter summer days so people can get their bocce on while enjoying great drinks and great food. It's possible we'll even establish a social competition one night a week.. Beats a pool comp if you ask me.

Watch this space for the latest..


  1. SUCH a great idea!!...

  2. I hear they have an incredibly talented, super awesome and good looking bunch of employees at Darlo?! Like, ridiculously good looking. Just heard that though, don't know if it's credible fact.