Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homebrewers Alert: Brew a beer for Nogne O's Kjetil Jikiun at Special Edition St Kilda BrewShare in May!

Towards the end of Melbourne's Good Beer Week in May, the St Kilda Taphouse, ANHC and Grain & Grape are running an awesome event just for homebrewers.

The Special Edition
Taphouse BrewShare is on Saturday May 19th from 3pm and will see us joined by a VERY Special Guest, Kjetil Jikiun
(photo above) from the world-renowned Nogne O. Known as an outstanding homebrewer before he became an outstanding pro brewer, Kjetil will be part of a 'Q & Ale' session before judging the best homebrew brewed especially for the event.

Kjetil has suggested three beer styles so we want you to vote on which one you think it should be! The poll ends Sunday March 4th at midnight. We will announce the final beer style the following day so you can get brewing!

For those who would prefer, there will be an Open Class too but the "Brew to Style" comp is where the real prestige is at!

Tickets can be purchased here for $25 and there are limited spots. We will need all brewers to brew FIVE litres of beer.


  1. Found the poll result posted on AHB:

    It's Porter.

  2. Can I bring a non-brewer? If so, do I buy a ticket for them?

  3. Sorry for the long delay Tom but at this stage only brewers can come at this stage. If there are spots left in the last few days, we will probably allow some non-brewers.

  4. Hi Steve. This should have been made clear earlier as I've bought a ticket for my partner to come along assuming the brewing was a separate part of the event. Can I get a refund on the other ticket?

  5. Hey Damian,

    If you've already booked your ticket, it's fine to bring your partner. You're right, we should have made it clearer earlier..


  6. Thanks Steve. Maybe I'll see if she's interested in brewing a beer herself!