Sunday, April 15, 2012

MOA a 'goer' for Ale Stars in Darlo!

Last month Darlo hosted a Moa Tap Takeover which showcased a big chunk of the New Zealand brewery's repertoire. To coincide with this we were proud to theme our monthly Ale Stars meet up in true NZ fashion and we're finally getting around to posting this report!

Josh, the Marlborough born Kiwi from Moa took a flight up to Sydney from Melbourne to be our special guest in Darlo and it turned out to be a memorable night with a lot of new faces and a great Q & Ale session.

One of the favourite beers from the night was the self-proclaimed world's first breakfast beer, aptly named "Breakfast Beer" which a lot of people described as having the flavour and aroma of an alcoholic Creamy Soda which was a fitting description for this gorgeous fruity lambic.

Doc and Josh provided great banter about all of the beers tapped for the Takeover and once everyone sampled five, they continued to work their way through the rest of them! The stark similarities between the Moa range and wine production became clear with a lot of them being aged in wine barrels. Josh even mentioned that cellaring beer, although foreign, is what Moa hope to encourage to bring out the complexities and characteristics of their beers.

With a great range including an Imperial Stout, a Ginger Beer (with a name usually reserved for spotty, pale children) and a few other new tricks, it was clear that Moa are definitely one to follow with their sharp marketing and even sharper brews.

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