Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World Famous Mikkel at the St Kilda Taphouse tomorrow!

You lucky people!

The additional Ale Stars for the month of March is tomorrow! featuring the very special guest Mikkel of Mikkeller Brewing from Denmark! Don't miss this one to hear from the man himself about all his delicious beers!

We could not pass up the opportunity to have an intimate evening with Mikkel and nor can you! Book now!

This is an additional Ale Stars to the already very exciting evening happening on the regular 3rd Tuesday of the month, the 20th of March, featuring another very special guest Josh Scott of Moa Brewing Co from New Zealand! This coincides with our next Tap Takeover with, you guessed it, all 20 taps Moa beers. Learn from the man himself while sampling up to, or all 20 beers! Book now and share another exciting evening with us.

Now don't tell us that we don't spoil you...


  1. When you guys post stuff like this it would be really awesome if you could say, either in the title or body of the article, WHERE the event is.

    I can see now that there's this tiny text at the bottom next to Labels that says "Melbourne" and "St. Kilda" but do you really expect someone to find this "footnote" when they just learned that friggin' MIKKELLER is coming??

  2. Hey Anonymous (why is that people can't put their name?)

    Thanks for the heads up. We have a policy of including which venue in the headline and body but this one went unnoticed. I've fixed it now though.

  3. Unfortunately I bought a ticket then found out I had made a prior commitment.
    Have not been able to find another taker...
    Any chance of a credit/refund?