Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter in Darlo - TRADING HOURS

Easter is upon us yet again so for all of you loyal Local's we'd like to let you know when you can come grab a festive holiday brew over the Easter holiday weekend...

Thursday 5th :: 12pm-12am
Good Friday :: 12pm - 10pm (No takeaway sales allowed)
Saturday 7th :: 12pm - 1am
Easter Sunday :: 12pm - 11pm (Easter Egg hunt included)
Easter Monday :: 12pm - 11pm

Come join us on either of these days for a choc filled night of fun and adventure! (See what we did there...?)

Cheers and Beers!

The Local Bunnies

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  1. What's currently on tap, as the website section isn't showing, and also, what's the latest list for the growlers available, as i think your list here has moved on a bit. Thanks