Monday, June 18, 2012

Two sleeps until we shout about Stout at Darlo Ale Stars

Hello my good Ale Stars, Well it's just a couple of sleeps until we shout about Stouts and do we have a line up for you...We have chosen the following, they may not be in this order but at least you now have something to feast your eyes on....

4 Pines Dry Irish Stout
Invercargill Red Hot Chocolate Chilli Stout
St Peters Cream Stout
Nogne O Cognac aged Imperial Stout

Accompany these along side Head Chef's David Thackray's tasty treats and our new Wednesday special, a Stout and Beef pie with a pint of 4 Pines for $15. Another great line up.... As per usual bookings are essential so if you haven't done so yet please head to our Event Diary here.


  1. There is no link where it says 'this link here'

  2. The link to the Event Diary just takes me to the homepage and I don't see a place to reserve bookings anywhere on there. When I click on this event under Latest News on the homepage, it just takes me back here. If I go to the Book Online program from the homepage, it allows me to book for lunch or dinner. Nothing about this event. What am I missing?