Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Bye Good Beer Week 2012 - hello Good Beer Week 2013

Good Beer Week 2013 has just been announced. It will take place from May 18 - 26.

For those of you who have already forgotten about how good GBW 2012 was - here's a reminder of what went down at th Taphouse here in St Kilda...

With 9 events planned for the week, we knew it was going to be a long one - especially coming off the weekend that was GABS - a little beer festival you may have heard of. Pics.

Sunday we kicked off with Janet's 'Beerified' Trivia which saw a packed house cram in down stairs and compete for beery prizes.  Janet was back on Monday for Local Laughs- Melbourne's longest running comedy night. On show were some of Melbourne's best comedians including superstar Greg Fleet, all entwining beer into their show is some way or another - including consuming quite a lot of it once the gig was over.

Beerista 101 with Ange was also on Monday which was a great way to start Good Beer Week for those looking to learn a little about great beer before they ventured off to attend other events around the city. Whilst this was happening, 30 lucky people were next door in the BottleStore for a beer and cheese night hosted by Ashley from Cheese Culture.

Tuesday night saw the first of 3 official visits by Norwegian home brewer turned commercial cult brewer Kjetil Jikiun from Nogne O. It was time for Ale Stars and a record crowd came down to taste Kjetil's amazing beers and learn how to pronounce the name of his brewery once and for all. Fortunately we had been infiltrated by some expat Norwegians who showed us how it was done. Pics.

On Wednesday night, downstairs was transformed from a bar into a dining room as 60 people gathered for the now infamous Brewers & Chewers, hosted by the main man - Professor Pilsner. 7 special guests made their way around the tables for 15 minutes at a time regaling the crowd with tales of brewing successes and failures - one particular brewer brought a special gift to each table in the form of his very own whisky! Pics.

Over in the BottleStore, the guys from Beer Lovers Guide helped us put on an awesome night of extreme beer which had the beer nerd salivating.

Finally we made it to Friday and a get together for the Melbourne chapter of Barleys Angels. The girls took over the bocce room and got stuck in to some great beer, beer cocktails, food and pin the tail on the brewer!'. By all reports all had a great time and a few new Angels were recruited to the cause of good beer. Pics.

Last but not least, Kjetil was back on Saturday afternoon as guest judge of BrewShare - an event for those who brew their own. Kjetil was extremely generous with his time and imparted a few tips on the group about how to transform themselves from garage brewers to commercial success stories.

So that was Good Beer Week 2012 ... next year promises to be even bigger so put it in your diary now and we'll see you there.

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