Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sydney's Italiano SpecTAPular - bellissimo!

Così la giornata è iniziata ... Sorry.... So, the day started with Don Leroy & Capo Scotty arriving at 4am to the lifeless Local Taphouse to tap the 20 craft beers, of which, as our Sister has mentioned, 17 had not even left Italy until now. The the arrival of Don Bianchi to set up the decorations breathed life into the Taphouse and with the rest of the soldiers following shortly, the lineup outside grew in anticipation of opening. The sounds of Mario Lanza and Perry Como welcomed thirsty guests, accompanied by the Italian band and the accordion. We were ready!

Immediately people were raving about the Birra Del Borgo Duchessa - fruity, floral with hints of pepper on the nose, a flavoursome way to start the day. Then we heard shouts of San Paolo Birrifico Robinia, a beautiful honey ale with a welcoming bitter aftertaste, the flavours continued. Even the signage was translated to Italian, we were on point.

The Sydney branch of AC Milan graced us with their presence along with the community leaders of Leichardt. The decorations were kindly supplied by the Italian Embassy and there was no doubt this was the Italiano SpecTAPular! The music was classical, the food was as good as Dom's Nonna's, the staff were passionate, the beers were colossal and the day was great.

Stay tuned for Sydney Craft Beer Week's SpecTAPular, we're moving forward.

Ciao Bella x

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