Friday, August 10, 2012

Barley's Angels in St. Kilda - Beer & Cupcakes!

A great night was had by our Melbourne Barley's Angels during our most recent session which had the theme Beer & Cupcakes.  The 4 delicious mini cupcakes were specially created and provided by Jess from Sugadeaux along with an extra special cupcake to decorate and take home (we would have eaten it, but we were too full!)

Our host,Tiffany Waldron of Beer Girl Bites, was on hand to take us through the pairings - some obvious, like a cupcake with raspberry icing & Lindeman's Framboise beer. Others were not so obvious, like Mike's Heavy Petal rose infused beer with a mouthwatering vanilla bean cardamom cupcake.  It was agreed by all that the combinations of sweet, sugary goodness and beer was a hit!

To see more photos from the night click here.

We can't wait until the next session of Barley's Angels in October. Stay tuned for the next theme and follow Barley's Angels here  on Facebook for updates.

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