Friday, August 17, 2012

Darlo Ale Stars Kung Fu's its way to the Land of the Rising Sun!

It's been a while since an Ale Stars session has generated as much anticipation as Wednesday nights' Japanese themed event. Not to say that we've been serving up Brussel Sprouts of late and in fact, we think the last few events have been little short of stellar but what it comes down to is the fact that Japanese brewing is still relatively exotic to us. Our palates have become jaded, positively spoiled by the craft beer revolution and all of it's liquid benefits. Few Japanese craft brews have made it to our shores. With the Sapporo Godzilla stamping the competition with prehistoric force, limited brewing space and of course that niggling language barrier, accessing these brews is quite the feat!
Two breweries were showcased; Baird and Hitachino Nest. Head brewer of the former, Chris Poel, joined us for a Skype chat, a funny dude full of anecdotes, inspirational words and equipped with his brewers logbook for reference. Chris shed some light on the state of the Japanese craft beer scene and walked us through some of his beers as we (and ultimately himself) drank them!
Starting with the Carpenters Mikan Ale, a quizzical and refreshing fruit ale that was a clear winner with the New Kids On The Block, then the highly awarded Teikoku IPA and Angry Boy Brown Ale. After our chat we finished with the sweet and woody XH from Hitachino Nest.
The crowd fave Baird's 'Angry Boy Brown' Ale is currently on tap in Darlo (Swing by for a glass before it disappears!)
Rounded out by Ale Star Tsar Doc's insights and Darlo GM Leroy's riotously unfunny MC stylings, we had a ball! The sheer quality of all the beers show that the unquestionable affirmation that the anticipation in lead up to tonight's event was for no small reason.
To the Land of the Rising Sun, your beers are welcome here anytime, arigatoh!

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