Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hargreaves Hill brings Sydney a great collaboration.

Fellow craft beer followers, now and then we feel it is only right that we reward you for your ongoing loyalty not only to us, but to craft beer itself. 
 We would like to announce that on the 8th September 2012, The Local Taphouse will be the only venue in NSW to tap "Our Dark Secret". Some of you maybe aware of what this is, but for those who do not, let us tell you what is going on here. Renowned brewery Moylans from the USA and 2011 AIBA Champion Brewery Winners have collaborated with the Infamous brewery Nogne O from Norway and 2010 AIBA Champion Brewery Winners. They have come across the big drink into the welcoming arms of Hargreaves Hill Brewery (VIC) whom have produced this monumental beer. 
 There is not much information at this moment in time regarding the details of of this mystery beer other than it will be dark and hoppy! The ABV is 8.2% and a newly developed Australian hop 'Victoria Secret' was utilised (this hop is likely to display tropical fruit, citrus and floral characters) 
There is only one venue in each state bringing this delicious beer too you, the stocks are limited and the drinkers will be vast, so get your beer journal now, and take note of the date. 
 You're welcome ;-)


  1. In the diary. Can't wait. Will this be tapped from noon?

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Yes it will be tapped from Midday.

    See you here.