Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Women of Beer gather again for Hildegarde

Here's a great report on the new beer from the Women of Beer. It will be tapped before you know it.
All Australian, all female, collaboration beer The Women of Beer present Hildegarde’s Biere de Garde The Women of Beer collective has once again come together from around the country to create a limited-edition beer, brewed at the Matilda Bay Port Melbourne Brewery. Attached are some images of our brew day, packaging day and the final, delightful product. 

The all-female brew crew includes the talents of Matilda Bay’s Chloe Lovatt, CUB’s Aine O’Hora, Old Salt’s Sam Füss, Red Hill’s Karen Golding, Two Birds’ Jayne Lewis, Hargreaves Hill’s Beth Williams, Beer Girl Bites’ Tiffany Waldron and the Beer Diva, Kirrily Waldhorn. Proceeds of this collaborative brew will be put towards a number of initiatives to support women in the Australian beer industry, through the Australian Pink Boots Society. 

This has been possible by the generous support of donors including Matilda Bay, Grain & Grape, Bintani, Cryer Malt and Pemara Labels. The beer is a rustic Biere de Garde, 6.7%, in stylish 750ml champagne bottles. It is to be known as Hildegarde’s Biere de Garde. A French farmhouse ale which translates to “beer for keeping”. Specialty ingredients used in this brew include the French hop varieties Strisselspalt and Triskel,a new breed hop. French oak chips were also utilised to add a hint of wood to this rustic beer. The final product is a coppery colour, funky farmhouse ale, delicate hop character with a touch of oak on the palate. A refined, highly drinkable, and eminently interesting brew. Like the Women of Beer themselves. Hildegard von Bingen was a nun, scribe, composer and feminist credited with being the first to author the preservative power of hops in beer and the inspiration for this beer.

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  1. This is the great news for people because now they can taste the new edition of beer which include the talents of Matilda Bay’s Chloe Lovatt.

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