Thursday, December 27, 2012

Silent Cinema Season 3 launching in Darlinghurst 2013!

(Rocky Horror Picture Show Dec '12)

2012 brought us the year of many things – one of those things was a unique Tuesday night event called ‘Silent Cinema’. It has been a huge success and we, alongside our partners Trumer Pils and Innocent Bystander are very proud to announce that Silent Cinema will be extending its arms deep into 2013 with Season 3 beginning in January.

For those of you playing at home, $10 will get you a pair of wireless headphones, a bowl of popcorn, a free glass of Innocent Bystander or Trumer Pilsner and a chance to impress your Tuesday night date with the sunset as your proverbial background.

Doors open at 7pm, screenings usually start at 7:45pm which gives you enough time to order some dinner off the menu and soak up the atmosphere.
The previous two seasons provided us with an epic scope of cult-cinema and we aren't here to do things by halves so we’re giving you another 12 hand-picked gems for you to enjoy.

To kick things off is the original ‘Wall Street’ and we travel the way down the list with the comedic styling’s of ‘Hot Fuzz’ through to the criminal dramas of ‘American History X’

See you here. Every Tuesday
Happy New Year

8th January - 'Wall Street' - book here
15th Jan - '300' - book here
22nd Jan - 'Back to the Future II' - book here
29th Jan - 'Inception' - book here 
5th February - 'Hot Fuzz' - book here
12th February - 'Gran Torino' - book here
19th Feb - 'Be Cool' - book here
26th Feb - 'American History X' - book here
5th March - 'Blow' - book here
12th Mar - 'Batman Begins' - book here
19th Mar - 'American Gangster' - book here
26th Mar - 'Predator' - book here

For any queries please email: or call 02 9360 0088.


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