Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Join the Darlo Ale Stars Road Trip to brew a beer at Hunter Brewing Co

Feel like getting out of town? Feel like escaping for the day with like minded folk and getting involved with the brewing of a special one-off beer? Well, we have the answer. 

On Saturday 9th February we have organized a coach to collect us from Darlo Taphouse at 9:30am and take us to the Hunter Valley's Hunter Beer Co. for the day. 

The Ale Stars Tsar, Darren 'Doc' Robinson, will be heading the tour with the Taphouse crew, Hugh and Cellar Manager Ossie.

Hunter Brewing Co Head Brewer, Keith Grice, will be there upon arrival to take us around and show off a few of his own creations. There will be beer tasting and a delicious lunch organised for everyone, a small tour and a Q&A as well. A special Ale Star brew is also being brewed that day too which will be great to observe. The beer will be tapped at the March Ale Star session on March 19 alongside the Ale Star brew from the Melbourne Ale Stars.

We will arrive back at the Taphouse around 6:30pm. Tickets are $75 which includes return travel, lunch, a tasting paddle of beer and a rollicking great time.

It's looking to be a great day not to miss, so book in here.  This could be a sell out event so don't hesitate!

For more information email dom@thelocal.com.au 


  1. Is the beer being tapped on the 20th of Feb? I thought was in March so we had 5 weeks for brew/conditioning?

  2. My mistake Regan. It is March..