Friday, January 4, 2013

Sydney's Ale Stars say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013...

The last Ale Stars of 2012 was amazing, great beers, great hosts and great guests, the perfect way to end a great year. 
As per usual, our Ale Stars Tzar Darren 'Doc' Robinson led the way with Taphouse Co-Founder Guy 'The Gun' Greenstone and Taphouse GM Daniel 'likes a rant' Leroy by his side to compliment his unique hosting style. 
The Local Taphouse staff picked their favourite brews from the year's sessions and focused on them again; the crowd were not disappointed. 

We started off with a Doctors Orders Zephyr, a delicious favorite amongst our regulars, its ability to remain smooth yet release gentle zingy characteristics makes this a very clean beer! 
Next we moved on to the Bear Republic Racer #5, This hoppy American IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with American pale and crystal malts and heavily hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial. Another great pick which was received very well indeed. 

Leroy then took the mic to break up the tasting with some topical and challenging beer trivia, there were about 7 groups battling for the title of trivia king and the prize of their choice of beer... 

Next we had a surprise visit from Ben at Bridgeroad Brewery live via Skype to help us introduce our very own collaboration from the bar series, beer number 6, which we aptly named '13 hours on a bus'. Our first beer was a pleasant hit of 'red wine gums' and even 'purple candy' on the nose and a dry Saison funky finish on the palette. 

At this point we thought it only appropriate to bring out our 13 hour slow cooked pulled pork sliders for everyone, chef David Thackray does not disappoint when it comes to our award winning burgers, everyone agreed, delicious! 

It was then time to vote on a much anticipated decision, the Ale Star brew. There had been some truly  great suggestions during the weeks before this night but in the end, the vote was in and Hunter Shiraz Barrel aged Baltic Porter, a great choice. 

It was then time to bring out what our guests thought would be the last beer, the Nogne O #500, this big and bold creation does not mess about, with 10% ABV it's an assault an the senses packing in 5 different hops, it's always a winner!! 

It was now time for Christmas surprise number 2, Scott from Moo Brew had been lurking in the back, biding his time to strike with his 2010 Barrel aged Imperial Stout. The crowd were delighted with the complex taste with hints of red wine, spices and even coconut. Scott had a few words to say about this marvelous beer, plus a few Christmas gifts to give away, a great way top bring the evening to a merry end! 

As per usual there were many announcements on the night, but most of the guests wanted to know what the first Ale Stars of 2013 would be.... It will be 'The Blend is Near' giving our Ale Stars and other guests the chance to blend their own beers on the night to achieve their own unique taste. 
As per usual tickets are only $40 which includes the wonderful beers and a delicious meal. 

Click here to join the fun, hope to see you all here. 

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